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It was really, really cold outside....

...on the day I tried to live.

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Name:The imaginary Mr. Frost
Birthdate:Aug 8
Location:The Meadow, Alabama, United States of America
I want to be the unwobbling pivot at the center of an ever-revolving universe. I want to be.....still.

Interests (150):

a perfect circle, adidas, afi, air, almonds, anime, archer, bad jokes, bashing idiots, bass guitars, batman, berserk, big-o, bitch slapping, blade runner, bloodhound gang, capcom, cave in, chappelle show, cheap anything, cheese, chelsea handler, chevelle, christopher walken, chuck taylors, computer games, computers, cooking, cowboy bebop, criminal minds, csi, cuddle parties, cuddling, curtis mayfield, cypress hill, dc comics, dc/vertigo, dead like me, deftones, depech mode, devil lady, devilman, drums, duran-duran, eagles of death metal, earth, faith no more, family guy, fantasy sports, filter, fishbone, food, forensic science, fourplay, gaming, giant robots, grilled chicken, guitars, gundam, hardcore, haste, highlander, indiana jones films, industrial metal, intimacy, james bond, jason bourne, jeff beck, jeff buckley, kids in the hall, king's x, kyuss, law & order, led zeppelin, lone wolf & cub, lucy lui, major leauge baseball, martial art films, martial arts, marvel comics, metal, mixed martial arts, monty python, moon, mortal kombat, movies, mystery science theatre 3000, national football league, navy blue, nerdcore, nerding it up, old school hip hop, oneirology, outlaw star, paige davis, poker, post-hardcore, professional wrestling, psychobilly, public television, pumas, punisher, punk-rock, quake, raman noodles, redheads, revenge, rockabilly, sandman, sean connery, shogo, six feet under, slapstick comedy, snapcase, snk, songwriting, spy fiction, star wars films, steaks, stoner rock, street fighter, tardcore, the color red, the endless, the misfits, the police, the smiths, thrice, thursday, tool, trading spaces, transformers, uno, vampires, van halen, vast, venture brothers, walking through cemeteries, water, waterguns, web comics, weezer, werewolves, women, world domination, world news, writing, x-files, yarns, zombies
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