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Saturday, March 17th, 2012 06:05 am
Just like that, you read something that just pisses you off to no end, and it fuels you to be the better person that you're striving to be.

As I've said countless times, I'm not perfect. I'M NOT PERFECT!!!! That's just how it is. But, I've never claimed that I know more than anyone else. I've never done that.

The funny thing is when this person gave me their two cents, which was fine, but the thing that stuck with me was the "you frustrated me sometimes" part. Yeah, well....that's because you were too busy wanting my cock in your pussy to even care about anything else. Yeah, you care about be now. What the fuck happened 5 months ago that made you not care? Oh, I were bugging me like always, and I was trying to have a peaceful night at home.

You kept saying you wanted to be part of the solution. However, you became part of the problem. It's one thing to tell someone to quit there job and to head back to school. But it's another to tell that person they should just drop EVERYTHING! I mean EVERYTHING!!! This was the bullshit I had to deal with. There was not a such thing as happenstance, but you were the reason why thing went south. That was their logic!!! Not mine. Also, this person liked to point out how closed off I was when this person wouldn't give me any god damned space!


I'm tired and I really don't feel the need to write about this anymore. It's over, and it's done. Now I realize I can't trust this person anymore since all they've done since they met me is throw me under the bus. Fuck it....I'm done!!! lol